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What type of bike for touring ?

Here is the list of articles available in this section:
Bicycle related equipment
The bike
Common considerations when choosing a bicycle for touringTypes of bikes used for touring
Touring Bicycle Case Studies
MTB - Evolution of a Touring bike - from mountain to touring
MTB - Using a mountain bike as a touring bike
Hybrid - The evolution of a light touring bike (or bikes)
Touring Bike - My Trek 520 after numerous upgrades
A review of my Surly Long Haul Trucker touring bicycle
Folder - Touring On A Folder
Things to consider when selecting a bike
Recumbent - Touring on a recumbent
Jakub's Amazing Bucket Bike
Upright versus recumbent bicycle for touring
Why I Tour on a Recumbent Trike
Technology and Bicycle Touring
Homemade Map Holder
Carrying the load on the bike
Choosing a set of panniers/saddlebags
Vaude, Arkel and Ortlieb saddlebag/pannier review
Do-It-Yourself Panniers/Saddlebags
Front and Rear racks
Bicycle touring using a Xtracycle
Adding a flag for a knightly touch
Hauling a load - Trailers
Keeping your bike secured during your bicycle touring adventure
Take a seat.... comfortably : Saddles
Does a wider saddle equal a better ride on a touring bicycle?
Schwalbe Marathon Plus tire review
Selecting a tire pump for a bicycle tour
Selecting the best gearing for your touring bicycle
Drivetrain friction points check list
Protecting your derailleur from an accidental twist
Differences in crank arm length
Selecting the best pedals for bicycle touring
Replacing cleats
Preparing for night time and dark day conditions
Lights : Generator, battery powered, halogen, LED etc
Reflecting the light
BLT Oversized Mount Kit
Riding with the lights On
Tail lights and other safety devices (like strobes)
Making yourself heard : Bringing a little sound into the world
Fenders (Or how to keep your butt dry)!
DIY Mud Flaps
Bike computers and compasses
Carrying water
Water bottles
Water Filters
Electronic gadgets : GPS, FRS radios, cd and mp3 players, radios
Listening to tunes and local news during a Bicycle Touring Adventure
Using FRS radios to keep in touch while bicycle touring in a group
Common bicycle problems while touring
Emergency repair equipment
Spoke Emergency Repair Kit
Drivetrain Related Emergency repair gear
Emergency Repair Kit odd's and ends
Emergency Repair Kit - Multiple Function Tools
Repair Articles
Breaking or repairing the chain using a chain tool
During the Tour Maintenance
DIY Needle Oiler

Trento Bike Pages

The Trento Bike Pages collect bicycle tour reports, mainly for road bikes, but also mountainbikes, as well as general bicycle touring and travel information, and bicycle club and organization listings. If you plan a bicycle tour, you'll find plenty of tour reports of people who have been there before. The Trento Bike pages got started in 1995 by Andreas Caranti, and have grown from a mailing list for the Italian Trento area to cover all of Europe, and now also Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. The Trento Bike Pages got a new maintainer in 2005. They are kept alive by people submitting tour reports, so please tell us about your own tours! Spread the word.
The Trento Bike Pages contain 1483 reports, organized:
By country:  
Lists most countries of the world, each linking to pages with tours and information in and about that country. Tours that go through multiple countries appear on all corresponding country pages. Tours are sorted by submission date, newest first.
By author:  
A list of all the authors who have submitted reports to the Trento Bike Pages.
By date:  
A list of all recent reports (added since January 2005), latest first.
General bicycling information: bicycle maintenance, forum sites, packing lists, etc.

Cycle Touring Equipment Guide

If you're planning on going on your first cycle tour - well done! I'm sure you will find it an enjoyable, sociable, and healthy experience. In order to get the most from the tour, however, you will need some equipment that was not supplied as standard on your bike. Below is listed the main items you should consider for touring, and why.

Make sure your bike fits

Bicycle fitting is a subject most people find quite mysterious. Fitting systems with charts and graphs, computer software, measuring devices and "rules of thumb" make for a lot of confusion. But I believe it's really quite simple. Bicycle fit involves compromises. Compromises between comfort and performance, quick acceleration and handling stability, top speed and "taking in the scenery".
Your body's position on the bike affects how you ride. It affects how much power you can efficiently deliver to the pedals. It affects how comfortable you are on the bike. A position that is more comfortable may not allow you to put as much energy into moving the bike forward as a less comfortable position might. How do you decide where to position your body on the bike?
Ask yourself, "What do I want to do with my bike?", "Why am I riding?". A track sprinter is not the least bit concerned with how comfortable he is sitting on the bike. During the race, (which may last for less than a minute), he may only be seated for 5 or 10 seconds. A long distance tourist traveling coast to coast across the USA might spend 5 to 12 hours a day in the saddle, day after day. He is probably far more concerned with being comfortable and enjoying the scenery than with going as fast as he can.
This article relates only to traditional road and cross country mountain bicycles.

Training for Cycling Time Trials

In time trial training and racing on a bicycle there is no hiding place. In the cycling time trial, training effectively is vital. It's just you against the watch - no team support, no 'time outs' - just continuous effort.
The cycling time trial is truly an arduous 'race of truth'. Yet it can be so satisfying. The exhilaration of beating your personal best, or even winning an event, is hard to describe.
The aim of this site is to help you, through  measured, scientific training plans, to improve your cycling performance.

33 Ways To Improve Your Cycling in 2010

When a new year begins it’s a great time to implement new training strategies. Here is a list with 33 great ways to boost your cycling performance in 2010. I’m sure that you can find inspiration for your cycling training and wish you a very happy new year!
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